Our Top Wellness Experiences Around the World

From tranquil Ayurveda spas to yoga amid snow-capped peaks and rejuvenating in mineral-rich hot springs, here are our five favorite wellness experiences. The post Our Top Wellness Experiences Around the World appeared first on Enchanting Travels.

Our Top Wellness Experiences Around the World
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We go on vacation for various reasons: to experience new cultures, for some adventure and fun, maybe to bond with family and friends in a relaxing environment, or just to tick a place off our bucket list. We come back from these trips happy, inspired and already planning the next vacation. We also come back to work, the stresses of daily life and a host of commitments. Our lives are so fast-paced with little time to truly take care of ourselves mentally and physically. But there is a type of vacation that can help rejuvenate and ground you by providing the self-care you need – a wellness experience. 

At Enchanting Travels, we have handpicked the best wellness retreats in the world just for you. These luxury holistic destinations are devoted to helping you detox and connect with yourself as well as boosting your mental and physical health.

1 Ayurveda in Sri Lanka

There is no better place to enjoy an Ayurvedic retreat, than in the Indian subcontinent– where the ancient practice originated. Ayurveda is devoted to holistic well-being using nutrition, massages, exercise and meditation specially prescribed based on your body ‘dosha’ or constitution. At Heritance Ayurveda in Sri Lanka, not only can you immerse yourself in an Ayurvedic program, but you can experience it in a tranquil, beautiful property. Wellness experience in Sri Lanka

Designed by the iconic Geoffrey Bawa, this Ayurvedic resort faces the beach and is the perfect setting to heal your body, mind and soul. The rooms and suites are elegantly done up in a relaxing color palette and have large balconies that face the gardens or the ocean. Your restful accommodation allows you to make the most of the treatments offered here. From detoxification and stress relief programs to special therapies to increase your energy and immunity, the qualified doctors at the hotel will put together a plan and diet just for you. 

Combine your stay at Heritance with some beach-hopping and sightseeing. Our Ayurveda Tour of Sri Lanka brings you the best of local culture, allows you to learn more about the history of this wonderful island and imbibe the essence of Ayurveda.

2 Blue Lagoon in Iceland

Enriched with silica, algae, and minerals, the remarkable waters of the Blue Lagoon are known for their healing properties. A swim in the geothermal sea water, surrounded by the pristine volcanic landscape, lets you soak in the water’s nutrients and clear your mind completely.  Our Top Wellness Experiences Around the World

This award-winning spa has an in-water mask bar where you can apply the mineral rich soil on your face before floating in the water. There is also a sauna and steam room that allows you to experience the heat and warmth straight from mother nature. You could even opt for a float therapy session. A specially trained therapist will perform a light massage on you as you weightlessly float on the water. This is said to reduce stress, provide pain relief and help you find inner peace. There are several exceptional hotels nearby, such as The Retreat Hotel Blue Lagoon, so you can enjoy an extended wellness experience combined with a comfortable stay.

Enjoy a day trip here as part of a road trip through South Iceland where you can take in the region’s natural beauty and embrace the great outdoors. If you wish to spend the night at the Blue Lagoon and discover more of its healing properties, the complex has a stylish hotel and restaurant for your comfort. 

3 Yoga in North India

Originating in ancient India, the holistic physical and mental practice of Yoga is synonymous with the country. It is no wonder then that wellness seekers from all over the world make their way to India to restore balance and find spiritual harmony. From visiting beautiful and serene temples and monuments in north India to spending time in holy cities such as Varanasi and Rishikesh, a spiritual journey through India is a great way to connect with yourself while learning about local culture.  Our Top Wellness Experiences Around the World

To add to your experience, spend a few days at a resort that focuses on wellness, such as the luxurious Ananda Spa. Nestled in the foothills of the majestic Himalayas, this resort is housed in a palace estate and is surrounded by sprawling grounds and gardens.

A typical day at Ananda involves yoga sessions, nature walks, interactions with vedic masters, spa treatments, and meditation. From consultations with renowned Ayurvedic doctors and personalized treatments to healthy gourmet cuisine – every aspect of the resort is rooted in traditional methods and designed to cater to your wellbeing and goals. This is coupled with sumptuous accommodation, so when you leave the resort you are centered and rejuvenated.

4 Spas at the Dead Sea

While traveling through Jordan, enjoy a plethora of experiences – desert safaris, visits to ancient ruins, tours of bustling cities, and walks in otherworldly landscapes. Your itinerary can also include beach visits and relaxing spa stays. The Kempinski Hotel Ishtar is located along the Dead Sea and promises a luxurious and pampering getaway. Our Top Wellness Experiences Around the World

The mineral rich waters of the Dead Sea have long been hailed for their curative and therapeutic powers. Considered to be the oldest natural spa in the world, it is said that even Cleopatra visited it. A dip in its salty waters will not only leave your skin soft and relax your muscles, but it is also said to boost your immunity.

While staying here, you can easily access the waters of the Dead Sea. At the hotel’s private stretch of beach, use the mud from the sea to remove impurities from your skin. Complete the experience with a visit to the hotel’s state-of-the-art spa where you can enjoy treatments including a sea salt scrub extracted directly from the Dead Sea and Thalgo sessions that use marine nutrients to revitalize your skin. The Kempinski spa is also known for its massages and facials, as well as its lymphatic and anti-cellulite treatments to balance your body and relax your mind.

5 Onsens in Japan

The natural hot springs of Japan, which are known as onsens, are an integral part of local culture. This isn’t only because of the wellness and the therapeutic powers of the water. A visit to a bathhouse in a hot spring is also about community and bonding. Our Top Wellness Experiences Around the World

Onsens are found throughout the country in scenic locales. Friends and families flock to bathhouses to dip in the mineral-rich waters which are said to help with body pain, skin disorders and more. As you take a long soak in the communal bath you feel your stress melting away and a sense of well-being envelop you. Afterwards you can wear the yukata, a light cotton kimono, and geta, elevated wooden sandals and wander around like the locals do. 

Many hot springs also have traditional inns called ryokan, where you can stay overnight. While staying here, enjoy time in the onsen, take part in traditional activities, such as tea ceremonies and relish authentic Japanese cuisine. As part of our Japan tour that focuses on the country’s culture and practices, you can travel to the scenic mountain town of Kinosaki, known for its onsen and stay in a typical ryokan, such as Nishimuraya Honkan.

Whether you want a trip that involves therapeutic massages and spa treatments or one focused on yoga and meditation, we can tailor a wellness holiday just for you. If you want to learn about local culture while at the same time uplifting your body, mind and soul, we’ve got you covered.

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The post Our Top Wellness Experiences Around the World appeared first on Enchanting Travels.

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