Best Places For Where to Stay in Mexico City 2021

Wondering about “where to stay in Mexico City?” It’s considered to be the largest city in Mexico and in the […]

Best Places For Where to Stay in Mexico City 2021

Wondering about “where to stay in Mexico City?” It’s considered to be the largest city in Mexico and in the world also, and known as the capital of Mexico, fulfilled with the incredible art, amazing culture, and brilliant history as well.

Where to Stay in Mexico City

One of the best place to visit in Mexico, it provides all kind of fun and activity what’s a visitor needs to be fun, founded in the 1521 just because it founded by Spanish conquistadors, it’s the largest speaking Spanish city in the entire world as well.

Its relation with the art has been considered for so long, well-known as the home of some famous intellectuals and artists since ancient years, and secondly, it’s known as highest city in the world according to above sea level.

All these things defines that Mexico City is a quite visit worthy destination place and there are lots of “where to stay in Mexico City” places those provides you the best things to do as well, and helps you to enjoy your destination.


Beginning with one of the best place where to stay in Mexico City, Coyoacan, it used to be known as a village but in the present time Coyoacan is surrounded by this vast city and well-known as the home of the famous artist named Frida Kahlo.

The famous Frida Kahlo Museum which all known as La Casa Azul is the one of the famous attractions in Mexico City, and also this museum is the reason behind people prefers to stay in Coyoacan, here you be able know more about the Kahlo’s life and works too.


Another one of the best places for where to stay in Mexico City is San Angel, the neighborhood of the Mexico City located in the west of Coyoacan, and it’s a beautiful and charming place to visit.

As the other European cities and its features the cobbled streets and its bright trees and flowers makes a incredible impact in San Angel like a village feel instead its well maintain and connected to the City metro network as well. 


Perfect place for where to stay in Mexico City destination trip, the finest place for the opportunities of art, beautiful parks, and the shopping facilities, cause its quite market-up place which located between the Centro Historico and Polanco.

If you know about Mexico City and its culture and beauty, and so this is also quite nice place for all, but there is interesting fact about Zona Rosa is secondly known as “Gay Community”.

It is perfect location in Mexico City and it’s also known as the neighborhood of it too, there are basically homes and mansions are like European cities style as were in the 19th century.

And for staying there are ancient buildings, and great hotels in Zona Rosa so, you do not have to worry about where to stay in Mexico City first time as well if you’re first time visitor, explore the location with full of interest.


It’s a beautiful place for destination trip in Mexico City, and you can consider this place for where to stay in Mexico City, it’s situated to the west of the ancient center of Mexican city lies Polanco, and you are able to locate boutiques, great designer shops, and nice restaurants.

For the luxury living and delicious food, Polanco is perfect place with great shops and wonderful nightlife place if you love to spend some time with the nature and yourself.

The amazing atmosphere of Polanco is the best things for the visitors, but it’s a bit high cost place to stay or enjoy and budgets-visitors have to chose there right time to visit is mid-season when the place gets a bit cheaper to visit and enjoy.

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