Where to Stay in Venice Italy

Venice one of the most beautiful cities in the world, and also one of the most visited cities in the […]

Where to Stay in Venice Italy
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Venice one of the most beautiful cities in the world, and also one of the most visited cities in the world as well. Now the question is “where to stay in Venice”?

Well, before we talk about we must know a few things about Venice such as it’s situated in the North-Eastern region of Italy otherwise “how you could find it”?

Secondly, this city features numerous inspiring authors, dramatists, and creative geniuses since the medieval times, including the likes of Shakespeare and Ezra Pound.

Where to Stay in Venice on a Budget

There’s no doubt that Venice is considered to be famous as the gorgeous scenic and romantic city in the world: which features canal systems, alluring winding streets, and its most loved gondola rides, and this is why about over 20 million visitors travel to Venice throughout the year.

Staying in Venice is like fulfill your dream which saw by you once and now you are finally here as a first time visitor, so wasting much time I am presenting you here some of the where to stay in Venice so you are able to choose what suits you the most:


One of the best places for where to stay in Venice “Santa Croce”, it is home to some of the prime transport centers in Venice; Santa Croce is the lower touristy neighborhood in the city.

Santa Croce, with its lower visitors and more natives, feels moreover Venetian than any other area of Venice.

Its famous visitor attractions are found in the eastern part of the neighborhood, as well as Church of San Giacomo dell’Orio, a 9th-century church that was rebuilt in 1225 and is well-known for its traditional paintings.

The plus point of staying here in Santa Croce, you would be able to locate things easily in Venice, reason behind of why most visitors prefer to stay around Piazzale Roma.

Basically your first concern of your trip takes a place about where to stay in Venice: ends here. Along with, you would be able to things to do and things to see such as Piazza Santa Croce, Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale, and La Scuola di Cuoio.

Here are some best recommended hotels to “where to stay in Venice” in Santa Croce for the visitors:  WHERE TO STAY IN SANTA CROCE

Santa Croce offers you couples of best hotels for your comfy stay and here I am presenting you some of the cheapest/budget able hotels in Santa Croce:

  • HOTEL DALLA MORA: One of the best budget-friendly hotels in Venice for your stay, this comfy place provides amazing canal views; delicious breakfast served every morning, and a terrace.
  • B&B VENICE: Another one here, a cheap bed, and brunch in the city of Venice with comfy, several best things about this spot are the building (a 19th-century Venetian house), the self-service brunch, the tranquil place and more.

Well, if your budget is quite fine then Santa Croce offers you a bit luxury or mid-range hotels from where you could stay in touch with attractions:

  • HOTEL OLIMPIA VENEZIA: One of the most famous hotels in Santa Croce, it keeps you close to Piazzale Roma which is wonderful its own. This hotel offers beautiful rooms, luggage storage, high-speed free Wi-Fi, and good thing is it’s not far from the water bus stops. 
  • HOTEL AL DUCA DI VENEZIA: It’s a fine choice for those looking for accommodation that provides such a great value for the money in Venice, the rooms are amazing, with luxurious decor that will make you happier while your trip.

Want to explore Santa Croce by rich so here are some luxury hotels in Santa Croce:

  • AC HOTEL VENEZIA BY MARRIOTT HOTEL VENICE: The most modern, wonderful, and stylish Venice hotel in this area, I absolutely suggest it to those who afford that and want to avoid the crowds and enjoy some luxury.
  • CARLTON ONE THE GRAND CANAL HOTEL VENICE: This splendid 4-star hotel in Santa Croce is just perfect for those who want to appreciate a traditional environment and some luxurious facilities and amenities.
Where to Stay in Venice

One of the old and most famous neighborhoods of Venice “San Polo”, it’s more active and sightseer regions in the city, the neighborhood enjoys a central place in the City of Canals.

San Polo relived you for where to stay in Venice, along with; it offers you to explore interesting and knowledgeable things in Venice connected with ancient spots and culture.

Here in San Polo a wonderful attraction is, “the Rialto Bridge” which was initially built as a pontoon bridge, but after collapse too numerous times, it was eventually rebuilt by Antonio da Ponte and completed in 1591.

In the present, it is the biggest monuments in the city for travelers from all over the world, and San Polo is also famous for the largest fish market in the city as well.

Maybe all these things make you to be consider about where to stay in Venice, for to see some of the renowned attractions of San Polo: such as Church of San Giacomo di Rialto, Church of Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari, Church of San Rocco, and Campo San Polo.

Here are some best recommended hotels to “where to stay in Venice” in San Polo for the visitors: WHERE TO STAY IN SAN POLO

For staying the comfy and ease San Polo offers you the best kind of hotels he has and some of them I am presenting you cheapest/budget able hotels for your stay:

  • B&B EXCLUSIVE: I am sure you will love to stay in this beautiful district if you have a low budget for your trip but want to enjoy more, and also you are able to find easily tons of restaurants and bars close by, and I am vouching you’re not going to be bored here.
  • SAN POLO STAR: One of the places for where to stay in Venice including a cheap hotel, and it’s not far from Rialto Bridge. It rooms are beautifully simple and very clean, along with you would be able to walk at night here on the beautiful canal streets.

San Polo also provide kind of bit luxuries or mid-range hotels for those who have budget quite fine which keeps you close to attractions to explore:

  • RESIDENZA CA’DORIN: Beautiful mid-range hotel in San Polo, you must think about this one. It’s a lovely bed & brunch only 500 m away from Rialto Bridge and it’s just near a water bus and water taxi stop as well.
  • HOTEL MORESCO: It would be a great choice to plan for being right near Rialto Bridge and Piazzale Roma. This 4-star land expected with a continental breakfast buffet, free Wi-Fi, and a super, classical decor.  

Thinking about some luxuries and want to avoid the crowd so, here are some best luxuries hotels in San Polo:

  • PALAZZO MOROSINI DEGLI SPEZIERI: One of the best luxury hotel in San Polo near Rialto Bridge, it is indeed a splendid, luxurious apartment situated right in the heart of the city.
  • H10 PALAZZO CANOVA: If you are able to afford this grand hotel then, you are going to have royalty travel in Venice, it defines San Polo is best place where to stay in Venice.

Another one of the best place where to stay in Venice “Lido” a little island with lagoon, and it’s a great getaway for those who have a low budget and wish to escape the tourist and also connected to the main sightseers in the city.

A classy neighborhood, Lido has a splendid amount of dining choices and premium residential and commercial structures.

Well-known for the host the Venice Film Festival, along with the area’s art deco architecture and sports resorts has been welcomed for pretty some time.

You should spend incredible time at Lido’s award-winning beachfront and see the amazing views of the surrounding Adriatic Sea; the main avenue of Lido is home to numerous cafes, restaurants, shops, and hotels.

Basically you can consider this one of the best place for where to stay in Venice to see such beautiful sights like Armenian Catholic Monastery of San Lazzaro, Oasis of Alberoni, The church of San Nicolò al Lido, Tempio Votivo Church, The Ancient Jewish Cemetery, and Malamocco.

Here are some best recommended hotels to “where to stay in Venice” in Lido for the visitors: WHERE TO STAY IN LIDO DI VENEZIA (LIDO)

Lido is one of the best places to where to stay in Venice, there’s no doubt also its quite interesting in exploring, in addition with, provides the best hotels to stay comfy and ease while journey to Lido, and here are some best hotels for your stay:

  • GRANDE ALBERGO AUSONIA & HUNGARIA WELLNESS & SPA: A wonderful hotel, that plus point is it keeps you close to the beach; also the hotel is renowned for its Art Nouveau décor and a first-class spa and wellness center. I reckon this is the perfect place for where to stay in Venice.
  • HOTEL ATLANTA AUGUSTUS: Another best hotel which also keep you close to the beach, “Hotel Atlanta Augustus” is situated in the heart of Lido and provides a wonderful terrace that overlooks the surrounding lagoon; rooms are fitted with architect furniture and advanced facilities.
  • HOTEL RIGEL: Not far from the boat rides away from mainland Venice which is quite amazing to experience; and it provide you rooms are furnished with the latest facilities such as free Wi-Fi, flat-screen TV with satellite channels, and a private bathroom with free toiletries.

If you talk about Castello then I must say then Venice won’t let you down by suggested this, so, can be quite considerable for where to stay in Venice. Castello is just next to San Marco neighborhood and Saint Mark’s Square, but it is absolutely fewer tourists than the latter!

If you are a walk lover at night or usual then it’s your kind of place, specifically if you’re the kind of soul that wants to get on the off-the-beaten-track.

Even though you would not have lots of prominent things to visit here, the whole neighborhood is spread with small, local churches and tiny squares, all of them offering a nice, genuine environment.

But you are able to relax for sure that you may not get bored here, and you will be encircled by numerous great restaurants, pubs, cafes, and bars.

It’s considered the best place where to stay in Venice to see such beautiful sights of Castello like Bridge of Sighs, Arsenale, Church of San Zaccaria, Santa Maria Formosa, Scuola Grande di San Marco, and Basilica of Santi Giovanni e Paolo.

Here are some best recommended hotels to “where to stay in Venice” in Castello for the visitors: WHERE TO STAY IN CASTELLO

Castello is perfect place for those who love to explore things of a particular place but have budget quite enough and here are some of the cheapest hotels in Castello:

  • SAN LIO TOURIST HOUSE: Such a splendid and extremely clean hotel is right in San Lio Square, in the heart of this place. The place is just outstanding, as you’ll be enclosed by an endless number of restaurants, bars, and pubs – what more you like most.
  • SWEET VENICE: It’s a modern and cheap guest house that will help everyone to save some money while their journey, it can be the perfect one for you, they provide all the amazing facilities you want for an enjoyable stay and super friendly staff.

Where to stay in Venice “Castello” you have chosen it and now you’re concern about hotels, well, if you are thinking of bit luxuries and want to stay close to some attractions of here which are famous, here are few ones which are quite budget able:

  • HOTEL RIO: They provide the best service in all Castello, so this lovely place can be for you, they have an on-site mini-market, shops, a shared lounge, luggage storage, and more; along with you be able to find tons of restaurant and bar.
  • HOTEL SANT’ANTONIN: One of the place for where to stay in Venice including the hotel “Hotel Sant’Antonin” the beautiful place for your Venetian escape, It’s hosted in a 16th-century construction and it provides a delicious breakfast as well.

Castello allow you to stay in more comfy and easy trip which is called luxuries these hotels are keeps you away from the crowd:

  • HOTEL DANIELI VENICE, A LUXURY COLLECTION HOTEL: For the extra luxurious hotel in Venice, that’s only a short walk away from the main attractions that you must want to visit, this hotel is really one of the most famous accommodations in the city and it provides perfect service.
  • HOTEL COLOMBINA VENICE: Another one with a great choice for all those looking for a classy hotel in Venice Castello, this one has genuine Venetian furniture and it’s just 100m distant from San Marco Square.

Another best place for where to stay in Venice “Giudecca” is the most known area among students and young professionals. Giudecca is a bunch of 4 islands situated south of the central islands of Venice and is related to them by the Giudecca Canal.

It can be one of the best places as well where to stay in Venice because it’s less than close to Venice on a Vaporetto ride, along with once an epitome of luxury, and it’s a wonderful weekend tour from the main city.

Surrounded by splendid blue waters, the island provides charming views of the Venetian skyline, as well as some of the best symbolic structures of San Marco neighborhood.

All these five neighborhoods are best places for where to stay in Venice, Italy for having fun at beaches, dine in restaurants including with luxury and lower budget whichever you prefer along with amazing night walk of the city make your journey more interesting.

Here are some best recommended hotels to “where to stay in Venice” in Giudecca for the visitors: WHERE TO STAY IN GIUDECCA

Budget-able people are easily able to find cheapest hotels in Giudecca and here are some of them: 

  • GENERATOR VENICE: It’s an amazing low budget-style hotel that won’t make you spend a lot of money; I actually consider this place is for you, situated right nearby many public transport alternatives like Vaporetto and water taxi.
  • B&B GIUDECCA BELLA: One of the best places for where to stay in Venice including the cheap hotels in Venice, in the South of the city center, provides such a nice value for the money and it also has a good garden where you are able to relax.

Some of the best bit luxuries hotels for those who can afford it and want some extra space and quality of their trip right down there:

  • CA’DELLE ERBE: A pleasant, mid-range hotel close to many restaurants and cafes where you be able to spend some casual time, this beautiful and super clean guest house has a balcony and provides such extremely incredible views of the city.
  • HOTEL GIUDECCA VENEZIA: You be able to have great fun here, and it’s just a little further from the city center along with they provide free Wi-Fi, good service, delicious breakfast, and many more.

Want to spend your trip luxuries and want to stay close-by famous attractions so here are some of the best luxuries hotels in Giudecca:

  • BELMOND HOTEL CIPRIANI: Best place no doubt there for where to stay in Venice for a superb ultimate luxury hotel, if you be able to afford it then this one’s for you indeed, they provide a first-class everyday breakfast, an exterior swimming pool, tennis court, and even fitness facilities.
  • CHARMSUITE PALLADIO: Another one splendid choice for you, on the lovely and most famous island of Giudecca. This is really a wonderful and delightful guest house situated 1 water bus stop distance from St. Mark’s Square.

San Marco will the perfect place to visit next as per your trip of where to stay in Venice, it’s considered to be the most figures of tourist attractions, including the museums, monuments and sightseeing.

Visitors will have endless things to do and able to see including exploring thing in this area makes everyone’s trip more remarkable.

While we’re talking about the most famous attraction in San Marco is the Piazza San Marco, where you would locate the amazing sightseeing’s such as Saint Mark’s Basilica & its gilded bronze horse sculptures, the Bell Tower of St. Mark and the Palazzo Ducale.

Having much attractive sightseeing means you will have the possibility of the taking photos and also photographers do find easily creativity in their work while clicking pictures here.

If you find all these activities in your favor, then this is the district you’ll want to consider “where to stay in Venice”.

In San Marco, you could able to shop or you can spend your evening delighted by a show at the historic La Fenice Opera House or walk across the iconic Rialto Bridge.

This classy district of Venice give you an amazing high experience of “where to stay in Venice”, also it’s countless and greatest hotels ease your worries of stay. WHERE TO STAY IN SAN MARCO

San Marco offers you the great hotel deals while if you’re looking for cheapest, mid-range or luxury you’ll able to get all kind of hotels and here are some of them:

  • 8 STARHOTELS SPLENDID VENICE: It’s one of the best and comfy hotels including at the cheap cost, situated nearby to the many shops and attractions, and it was restored in the 18th century in a building. Well, if you see the exterior is old but interior isn’t, and it’s furnished with a present Italian feel. Also, its offer guests a beautiful waterside restaurant and the rooftop bar, which quite amazing to be have an evening there and that’s why most people prefer to stay here. 
  • 7 HOTEL A LA COMMEDIA: It’s one of the beautiful and mid-range hotels, and it’s decorated in muted colors that improve a classy atmosphere, the hotel is situated in one of the busy part of Venice. After exploring the sightseeing historical sites, it gives you a comfy room for relaxing or you can rest on the terrace with bar, on the other side if you are night lover you can relax as well in the dark, along with this hotel serves only breakfast, but no worries you’ll seek lots of good restaurants close by.
  • 6 THE GRITTI PALACE: One of the finest luxury hotels if you want to have experience luxuries, well, for the great art and the amazing views you must stay here. It’s placed on extend of the Grand Canal that is considered to be the most beautiful views in Venice. You be able to take them in from the waterside terrace dining area. It’s situated in a 15th century palazzo where a doge of Venice once lived. Where to stay in Venice? I prefer this perfect as well others also, this building was little while ago restored, in its ancient features which was wooden ceilings and the ancient paintings that decorate restored 82 rooms of it.

One of the best places for where to stay in Venice “Mestre” this district is considered to be a mainland part of Venice.

If you want to stay close to the islands of Venetian then Mestre is a wonderful place to stay for getting to the famous landmarks and destinations in Venice.

Mestre provide you to opportunity to visit its neighborhoods such as Ponte Della Libertà & and Piazzale Roma by buses or trains or you can take trams which also run straight across the places.

Well, visitors on a budget find Mestre their suitable spot while higher season in Venice, such as during the annual film festival, the Voga Longa rowing competition or the Carnival of Venice, hotel remains might be extremely expensive.

In Mestre, housing is much more inexpensive so, concern of where to stay in Venice ends here. Mestre is also home to the Piazza Ferretto, on the region central plaza where you are able to shopping for Italian designer clothing or dine on local cuisine. WHERE TO STAY IN MESTRE

Well, for where to stay in Venice, in Mestre, there are lots of hotels the best ones but there is a single one which is perfect for everyone people on a budget, mid-range or rich all will find it suitable:

  • 5 HILTON GARDEN INN VENICE MESTRE SAN GIULIANO: Perfect for visiting famous attractions in Mestre, this hotel keeps you close to all, and it’s totally modern inside out, offer a beautiful terrace view, outdoor pool and cocktail spot. Also, it’s not much far from the airport, plus this has its own restaurant, along with, around 136 rooms decorated beautifully. So, for where to stay in Venice, Mestre is the best place for all kind of taste you want will find here.

Well, for a short too Venice gives you some of best opportunities for stay and wander around the whole Venice for explore: WHERE TO STAY IN VENICE FOR 3 NIGHTS or 2 NIGHTS

Well, considering about 3 nights you must stay in Santa Croce because it’s the only place which provides you to enjoy your journey on a short period of time, while staying here you are able to explore it deeply with joy as well.

Well, personally considered the place for where to stay in Venice for 3 nights, after enjoy your day you are able to rest in cheapest hotel as well, also easily locate the best restaurants and if you are a night lover then, you will feel adorable while walking at night in beautiful atmosphere.

It’s also worthy if you are considered where to stay in Venice for 2 nights, or you can pick San Polo or Lido as well, according to your tour taste.

I hope you find this article useful about “where to stay in Venice, Italy” on a budget as well, and for more updates like this or travel guide about a particular place in the world stay connected to this blog.

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