Visiting Stone Mountain Park in Atlanta

This is a guest post by Ron Lightland. Ron moved to Georgia as a kid and spent countless summers traversing… The post Visiting Stone Mountain Park in Atlanta appeared first on Hopping Feet.

Visiting Stone Mountain Park in Atlanta
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This is a guest post by Ron Lightland. Ron moved to Georgia as a kid and spent countless summers traversing the grounds of Stone Mountain Park. You can typically find Ron exploring the United States or helping build itineraries for his friends and family, especially those wanting to explore Atlanta, Georgia.

When talking about a trip to Atlanta, Stone Mountain definitely comes as a top contender on the list. I mean, who wouldn't want to lace up their shoes and conquer this mountain made of unique materials - well, special because mountains aren't usually made of granite. There is a reason why Stone Mountain is one of the top-rated and most-visited places in Georgia. Sitting proudly at only a 30-minute smooth drive from Atlanta, this 825-foot granite mountain offers one of the best tourist sites in the country.

History of Stone Mountain

The perspective and grandeur of this massive rock are appreciated by the majority of visitors. Some people think about the consequences of when and how. We have no idea where the rock originated from or who placed it there. Perhaps it was extraterrestrials? No one knew until geologists began writing articles on their discoveries. The peak was probably constructed 300 million years ago, along with the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains.

Why Should You Visit Stone Mountain Park?

Whether you are with your family, friends, spouse, or all by yourself, this proud attraction will be an integral part of the trip. Here are some great reasons to visit Stone Mountain at all costs: It is the 8th Wonder of The World

"Aren't there just 7 wonders?" Maybe. There is always room for another one if your 7 wonders are becoming old for the eye of a travel junkie. According to geologists, Stone Mountain is one of the largest pieces of granite in the world. Basically spread over 5 miles in area and 825 feet in height, the material of this mountain is quartz monzonite (similar to granite). The interesting thing to note here is that this material is formed by volcanic eruptions and magma rising.

It Honors American Progress

American heroes are a source of pride for everyone, and Stone Mountain Park knows just how to honor the national heroes of the land of the free. From 1909 to 1972, a number of different artists joined minds and creativity to showcase their carving abilities. The work is exceptionally detailed and large. Initially, it was just to show the Southern heritage and culture. Still, now it is a sheer representation of American progress over the years. Regarded as the representation of Southern culture by Martin Luther King Jr., this is one of the best tourist sites in the country. No wonder millions of visitors arrive here every year for a fun-filled, active, and energetic day. The carvings are of three prominent American figures: Jefferson Davis, Robert E. Lee, Stonewall Jackson. It is a Great Place to Hike

Most trips revolve around going out, taking pictures, exploring, eating junk food. Honestly, this is not wrong. After all, you are there to have fun, right? Most of the Atlanta attractions that you visit have the same circle. While you deserve to have the vacation of your dreams, stopping at Stone Mountain Park is a great way to boost your activity and regain energy. Often known as the Backyard of Atlanta, they have a 15-mile hiking trail.

Now, this may sound a bit complicated considering that not all of us are fit enough to hike for 15 miles. There are different paths, and you can choose the one that suits your current fitness level. The entire track is surrounded by flora and fauna of various species. Some flowers like the yellow daisy are so rare that they are only found here. Hiking will leave you feeling a lot better, and you will be awestruck by the pangs of fresh oxygen just entering your body.

There is some Pretty Rare Plantation Out There

Those who haven't been here think of Atlanta as a highly developed city. Little do they know that Atlantans love nature. It is one of the most developed in terms of technology and nature. The entire city is bustling with greenery and nature. Although Stone Mountain is one of the greenest places in America, remember that the rock is made of granite. Most plantations can't survive in this environment. It is kind of a miracle that the place is green.

The plantation spanning Stone Mountain is quite unusual, and these types are less likely to be found in metropolitan areas. Yellow Daisy, for example, was a species of ordinary daisy discovered in 1846 near Stone Mountain.

These uncommon flowers, trees, and other vegetation species make your stay memorable. Bring your finest camera and document every unusual plant you come across. While it is possible to forget their names, pictures will be great memorabilia. You can even create an album of all these plants and pen down their details for memories. An Eye-Catching Skyline Awaits You

If you want to give your partner a lovely time on date night, consider Stone Mountain Park as a great outdoor place. We just don't give it enough credit for the enchanting Georgian skyline that it captures. At night, when the lights lit up, the mountain grabbed the true beauty of Atlanta.

Bring your food, night blankets, and pick a good place whether you're planning a romantic night with the love of your life or want to completely amaze your family. People even stay overnight here only to see the dawn and to see the sunset. Don't be shy if you want to enjoy this amazing vista all to yourself. Just bring your stuff, take pictures, watch some Netflix and enjoy your time.

It Helps You Socialize with Other People

Gwinnett is one of the most culturally and socially diverse counties in Atlanta. Millions of people visit Stone Mountain every year, and if you are looking forward to meeting new people with the same interests as you - this is a great idea. Most people you meet on trips can become your friends for life, so make sure to polish those skills. It Offers an Ultimate Cable Car Experience

To be honest, you don't have to trek. Understandably, not everyone enjoys hiking. Everyone will find something to their liking. Allow cable cars to transport you up if you have already trekked your way up or if your health is preventing you from doing so. These Swiss cable trains provide a fast trip over 1000 feet above ground level.

If you can't hike, it doesn't mean that you will be missing out on all the plantations. You will also come upon the carving along the journey. The ride concludes at the sport, where you can see the breathtaking skyline, making this cable car worthwhile. All that is required is a thrilling experience in one of the most stunning natural settings at Stone Mountain.


Stone Mountain Park is a fantastic destination for people who want to explore the greener side of Atlanta. With amazing hiking trails and plenty of rare flora and fauna, this can be a wonderful experience for the visitors. Every year, millions of tourists come to visit Stone Mountain every year. You can take your friends, family, loved ones or just go all by yourself. For most people, it is the 8th wonder of the world, but if you are going out to just chill and watch the stunning Georgian skyline - that's completely fine.

The post Visiting Stone Mountain Park in Atlanta appeared first on Hopping Feet.

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