Top 10 best places to visit Amsterdam – Amsterdam travel guide

Travel your way | Best things to do | Best travel destinations | Road trip planner | Best countries to visit | Cheap places to travelTop 10 best places to visit Amsterdam – Amsterdam travel guide If you are planning your upcoming trip to Amsterdam for the first time, you are probably wondering about the best places to visit. Let’s refer to this post ! Amsterdam is a strange city. Strange things are not strange at all because they are built from the ground up by... Top 10 best places to visit Amsterdam – Amsterdam travel guideadmin

Top 10 best places to visit Amsterdam – Amsterdam travel guide
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Top 10 best places to visit Amsterdam – Amsterdam travel guide

If you are planning your upcoming trip to Amsterdam for the first time, you are probably wondering about the best places to visit. Let’s refer to this post !

Amsterdam is a strange city. Strange things are not strange at all because they are built from the ground up by the most civilized ideas. A city where you should not be surprised to see a warning: “You will be not arrested for using drugs in Amsterdam. Call 112 for medical assistance”, which means you will not be charged with a crime if you take drugs.

Or another special thing is that there is a separate neighborhood for prostitution. Yes, it is a profession that is allowed by the government to operate normally like any other profession. It is a civilized country with high awareness of each people.

There are many other interesting things, of course a lot of beautiful museums, canals with characteristics only the Netherlands has and also the habit of taking bicycles as a daily means of transport of the people of Amsterdam. can be discovered slowly.

Amsterdam Netherlands

The best time to visit Amsterdam

What is the best season to travel to Amsterdam? This depends on the individual. Some people like to go in the summer from May to August because that is the tourist season. The weather is not too hot like the cities in the Mediterranean region and at this time the tulips have also bloomed. But some people like to travel to Amsterdam in the spring because then you can avoid the crowded scene if you go in the summer.

Spring is the season when the flowers at the Keukenhof flower garden bloom from mid-March to mid-May, and only then do they open their gardens. You should go in early April, the weather will be more stable, the sun will be more.

If anyone has the opportunity to come in winter, it is extremely interesting because the Netherlands belongs to the marine climate area bordering Northern Europe. Winter here is super cold, you will only have time to take your hand out of your pocket, try to shake the shutter button and then have to put your hand back in. It’s cold, so remember to bring warm clothes!

Getting around in Amsterdam

Amsterdam Netherlands

In general, Amsterdam tourism has all kinds of public transport like many other cities, such as Metro, Tram, Bus and especially people here love to ride bicycles. Bicycles have become the typical culture of Ams, simply, improve health and protect the environment.

Public transport, a single ticket costs €2.80 and is valid for 1 hour using all types of transport. If you travel a lot on a day, you should buy an unlimited day ticket for € 7.50. There is also a cheaper OV Chipkaart card if you go a lot, rent a bike from 3-10€/day.

Where to saty in Amsterdam

Amsterdam Netherlands

Coming to Amsterdam, there are 2 options for you in terms of accommodation, you can stay in the city center, convenient to travel and bustling, but the price is quite expensive. For backpackers, you should choose suburban hotels to save money. In the suburbs, you choose a hotel right near the Metro station to go to the city, it only takes about 5-10 minutes by train, it is also very convenient, only the evening will not be as bustling. In the city you might consider some of the following areas:

Central Station Central Station :
This is the point that will be very convenient for you because often going from the airport to the city or taking the train from other cities in Europe all end at the central station. There are many hotels and hostels for you to choose from, there are many restaurants and cafes around, nothing to criticize, of course in this area the price will be more expensive than other remote areas. You can book hostel Budget Hostel Heart of Amsterdam, the price is also good, it’s 10′ walk from the station and located right near Dam Square.

Rembrandtplein area:
This area is not far from the central station or Dam Square, but there are many luxury hotels, bars or restaurants. In this area you go to the Royal Palace and the National War Memorial very close. Good and reasonably priced hostel in Rembrandtplein has Stayokay Amsterdam Stadsdoelen, a few steps away from Metro, Flower market.

Red Light District :
It’s also quite interesting if anyone wants to try, this area doesn’t have many hotels or hostels, there are not many restaurants and bars in the evening, only things that everyone knows already!
Personally, when I come to Amsterdam, I choose an apartment located right next to a canal in the Prinsengracht area. The view from the balcony is beautiful with the opposite side of the Scandinavian houses.

What to eat in Amsterdam

If you want to eat cheaply in Amsterdam, it is best to avoid the restaurants in the central area, go to the supermarket to buy hot dogs and eat only. Some days it only costs about 10 euros/day while eating in a restaurant is already 15E/meal. But if traveling without trying to discover a few typical dishes in that city, it is a mistake. Some traditional dishes or snacks in Amsterdam such as:

  • Fresh Stroopwafel biscuits consisting of two thin layers of baked goods with a caramel filling in the middle, quite a lot at Albert Cuyp market
  • Lots of delicious drinks, ice cream, apple pie at Café Winkel 43
  • Dutch fries: Crispy fries are placed in a paper funnel, on top of which, add sauces such as cheese, chocolate or tomato sauce, ..
  • Waffles, Crepes, super delicious homemade fresh fruit ice cream at IceBakery, right near the flower market Bloemenmarkt.
Experience some delicious restaurants in Amsterdam:

Satellite Sports Cafe
The most famous restaurant that many Vietnamese tourists through Amsterdam know is the Satellite Sports Cafe. This restaurant is famous for its delicious grilled ribs. Just spend 12E and you will get unlimited grilled ribs. This shop is located right on Leidseplein street, close to the apartment I live in.

Amsterdam Food Netherlands

The second restaurant that I ate in Amsterdam is located in the same food street as the Satellite restaurant, specializing in Mexican food. We also ordered grilled ribs, beef steak and a kind of pizza akin to pizza.

Amsterdam Food Netherlands

In addition, in Ams, there is a chain of food stores called FEBO, where they are equipped with many vending machines that serve continuously with cakes and food at cheap prices. When looking for restaurants or buying souvenirs in Amsterdam, you will find that many shops close in the afternoon at 5-6pm every day, but on Thursdays they will open until 9pm.

Regions and districts in Amsterdam

The city of Amsterdam is divided into many different regions and districts, which is the central area and the remaining East, West, South, and North areas surrounding the city. Usually when we come to Ams, we just wander around in the central area, this area includes the following main districts:

  • Old Center: The Old Quarter and the main tourist attraction. Here gathers many shops, canals, and traditional architectural works. Famous attractions such as Dam Square, Nieuwmarkt, Spui and the Red Light District.
  • Canal Ring: A UNESCO cultural heritage site, it’s a 17th-century system of canals built to attract the wealthy. Today, this is still a busy area with lively streets at night such as Leidseplein or Rembrandtplein.
  • Jordaan: This area was built in the 19th century by the working class, famous for its art gallery spaces, souvenir shops and statues of famous singers.
  • Plantage: known by many museums, the Artis Royal Zoo and the Botanic garden.

Armsterdam Map :

Let’s see top 10 best places to visit Amsterdam

Amsterdam is charming right from the canals, the bicycles placed indifferently on the bridges that I thought were standing in Venice.
Amsterdam offers a softer, more peaceful look like a romantic French setting, with the golden leaves falling in autumn sometimes wet from sudden rains. Grab a bike and ride around anywhere you like, you won’t be much different from the real Dutch.

1. Museums in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is known as a city of museums with more than 60 large and small museums, and many of them are in the “must-see” form such as the Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh, Stedelijk, etc. If you book tickets online, consider buying your tickets at home before you arrive to avoid long queues.


Amsterdam Netherlands
The Rijksmuseum displays artifacts about Dutch Art and history from the Middle Ages. Right outside is the place with the famous I Amsterdam that many people take pictures here. Some people stand next to them, others climb up the letters to get the most kool pictures. Admission price is €17.50.

Van Gogh Museum
It displays the works of the most famous artists with many fields of art such as painting, sculpture, etc. This museum is the number one priority because it is the symbol of Dutch painting. Here you can rent headphones and then go to each picture you choose the language to listen to instructions about that painting. There is also a van Gogh-style guide desk. Admission: €17.

Some other museums:
Some other museums in Amsterdam that you can consider visiting if possible:

  • The FOAM Museum of Photography (€10 admission), exhibits works on photography.
  • Stedelijk Museum with an architectural shape resembling a bathtub, entrance fee €15.
  • The Anne Frank House Museum (admission €14) takes you through the attic where the Franks have been hiding since the Nazi era.
  • Amsterdam Museum (entrance €12.5) displays the history of the formation and development of Amsterdam.
  • The old house of Oude Kerk, a church with many small houses inside, is located in the red light district and was built in the Gothic style.

If you go to many museums, you should buy a Holland Pass, this pass is valid for 1 month and goes to many museums for free, without having to queue, and also gets a free ticket to travel 24 hours in Ams and many other offers.

2. Rembrandtplein Square

Rembrandtplein Square

Rembrandtplein Square is really the busiest place in Amsterdam. Lots of restaurants, pubs, cafes or cinemas here. You can sip a cup of coffee to watch the streets, in the evening go to pubs, clubs or bars… Speaking of nightlife, you should explore the bustling Leidseplein square just like Rembrandtplein.

Not only are there pubs, but Rembrandtplein Square is also attracted by street artists, like the makeup artists in Venice, or the artists who paint all over their bodies on La Rambla – Barcelona. They can perform circus, make jokes or simply take selfies with tourists.

3. Red Light District – De Wallen

This is probably the most prominent point in everyone’s mind when traveling to Amsterdam. There are few places where prostitution is completely legal and allowed by the government to practice openly as a normal profession, as in the Netherlands. I have also been to Pattayah in Thailand, the red light district of Pigalle in Paris but it is not open but still civilized like in the Red Light Amsterdam area.

There is nothing strange here with the natives, tourists who want to explore, just let them know, the alley is very small. The price seems to be around 50 euros / time (staff here they have to pay full tax), or cheaper if you know how to pay the price.

If anyone is curious, remember not to raise your camera to take pictures here if you don’t want bad things to happen to your device, many policemen and even security guards. In the middle of the neighborhood with girls peeking behind the glass doors under red light to greet guests, a specialty of Amsterdam.

4. Dam Square

Amsterdam Netherlands

According to history, Dam Square is the first place that the city of Amsterdam was built and formed from. The name “Amsterdam” is a combination of Dam and the name of the river Amstel flowing in the city. Dam Square is only 10 minutes walk from Central Station via Damrak main road. There are quite a few restaurants and cafes here, suitable for those who are tired of walking and resting. Remember to take souvenir photos in front of the iconic buildings of Amsterdam tourism, watch the pigeons swooping down on tourists to ask for food.

From Dam Square you can visit the Royal Palace (Royal Palace) and National War Memorial (National War Memorial), lots of shopping streets. The Royal Palace is quite striking from its architecture and grandeur, it seems to represent a heroic period of the city, full of classical by finely sculpted details.

5. Begijnhof’s garden

Amsterdam Begijnhof garden

Located right next to Dam Square, the Begijnhof garden is quite isolated and quiet compared to the neighboring squares. Called a garden, but I noticed that these are mainly green grass. Surrounded by colorful houses, they are all built in a similar architectural style. It’s free to enter here, but don’t speak loudly and loudly.

6. Canals and bridges in Amsterdam

Amsterdam Netherlands

Amsterdam is famous for being a city of canals and bridges. You won’t get to know much about Amsterdam if you haven’t wandered through the interlaced canals, or sat on a small boat sailing around through these endless canals.

7. Markets in the city

Amsterdam Market

Like going to many other cities in Europe, when coming to a foreign city, there is no better way to learn about the lives of indigenous people than to visit their markets. See how they live, trade and trade every day.
Albert Cuypmarkt Market is known as one of the major markets in Europe, open during the week from 9.00am-5.00pm. In addition to a large number of stalls and diverse goods, visitors to the market are also very crowded. both tourists and residents of Amsterdam.

There are also some other markets you can refer to when traveling to Amsterdam such as Noordermarkt market (9am-3pm) selling fresh food, Marqt market (8am-9pm), etc. Those who like to see flowers should go to the flower market. Amsterdam (The Amsterdam Flower Market) is open every day of the week, a very suitable spot to see tulips, the famous flower of the Netherlands.

If you want to buy souvenirs, sundries and cheap, you can’t miss Europe’s largest flea market IJ-Hallen flea market where you can find everything you want. This market is only open for 1 week a month and costs €5 entrance fee.

8. Parks in Amsterdam

netherlands beauty flower

First of all, it is impossible not to mention Vondelpark, the most famous and largest park in Amsterdam. This place is very suitable for weekend picnics, because there are many trees, grass and paths, cool hibiscus trees suitable for reclining and relaxing.
Museumplein park located right next to the Van Gogh museum is also a place you can go after a tiring day visiting the nearby museums, and also Sarphatipark near the Albert Cuyp market.

9. Windmill Village – Zaanse Schan

The Zaanse Schan windmill village is very famous in the Netherlands and is only 45 minutes from Amsterdam by bus. You can spend from half a day to a day to go through this village, see the typical windmills and enjoy local specialties such as Chocolate, wooden shoe factory,…

10. Keukenhof flower garden & Giethoorn Village, Overijssel

Keukenhof in the city of Lisse – the Netherlands is considered one of the largest flower gardens in Europe, only open from March 22 to May 20 every year. Come here to see hundreds of different types of flowers blooming, to feel why people say the Netherlands is the land of flowers.

Keukenhof flower

The village of Giethoorn must have been heard by many, famous as the Venice of the Netherlands. This village has no roads, all means of transportation are by boat. Spend a day in your Amsterdam travel itinerary to feel the peaceful, hassle-free life and experience sailing through each canal and corner of this unique village.

Other places and activities to do in Amsterdam:

If anyone comes to Ams with children, consider giving away the famous Artis zoo in the Netherlands, the Nemo museum for children. Coming to Ams is not only visiting the museums, busy streets but also the place where you feel the rhythm of life in this city crisscrossed with canals.

Amsterdam Netherlands

Amsterdam Netherlands

Quite a few tours you should try to experience Amsterdam. A short boat tour of the Amstel River, a tour of the red light district, or a bus ride to Amsterdam’s peripheral villages such as the windmill village of Zaanse Schan, the Keukenhof flower garden, and more.

Note that for the most economical boating on the Amstel River, you can not buy a tour but rent a boat to paddle yourself, provided of course you have to know how to control it.

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Top 10 best places to visit Amsterdam – Amsterdam travel guide

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