Tourism In The United Kingdom Surge As 86 Countries Eligible Under Visa Waiver Program – Check Now If Your Country Is Eligible

Reading Time: 5 minutes Visitors from 86 countries can now explore the UK's rich heritage and vibrant cities without a visa, significantly enhancing tourism and economic growth. The post Tourism In The United Kingdom Surge As 86 Countries Eligible Under Visa Waiver Program – Check Now If Your Country Is Eligible appeared first on Travel And Tour World.

Tourism In The United Kingdom Surge As 86 Countries Eligible Under Visa Waiver Program – Check Now If Your Country Is Eligible
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Reading Time: 5 minutes
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Visitors from 86 countries can now explore the UK’s rich heritage and vibrant cities without a visa, significantly enhancing tourism and economic growth.

Anup Kumar Keshan (TTW Editor in Chief) said: “Granting visa-free access to citizens from Schengen Area countries significantly elevates UK’s status in travel and tourism sector. This thoughtful policy not only streamlines travel for business and event attendees but also enriches leisure travel experiences. It effectively enhances the United Kingdom’s appeal as a top destination for international meetings, professional collaborations, and holidaymakers. By facilitating smoother and more sustainable travel, this initiative boosts economic ties and fosters deeper cultural exchanges across Europe, reinforcing the UK’s reputation as a versatile and inviting destination.”

Travelers from 86 nations, including those from the Schengen area, can now enter the UK without a visa. This arrangement facilitates effortless entry for a variety of purposes such as tourism, business engagements, and cultural or professional events. The accessibility provided by this policy invites a larger influx of tourists to immerse themselves in the UK’s diverse cultural tapestry, famous historical sites, and bustling urban environments, thereby propelling the travel and tourism industry forward. Notable sites like the Tower of London, Stonehenge, and the British Museum, along with contemporary attractions like the London Eye and numerous lively cultural festivals, thrive under this visa-free regime. The presence of business travelers and participants in various events also boosts the local economy by engaging in conferences, meetings, and other professional activities. This surge in international visitors not only fosters stronger global ties but also fuels expansion in the hospitality, retail, and service sectors, significantly enhancing the national economy. The visa-free policy positions the UK as a top-tier destination for both leisure and business-related travel.

In 2023, the UK welcomed 38.0 million international visitors, marking a 21% increase from the previous year. These visitors contributed a record £31.1 billion to the economy, up 9% from 2019 and 17% from 2022. However, when adjusted for inflation, this spending is 10% less than in 2019, though still 9% higher than in 2022.

Citizens from Schengen Area countries also enjoy the benefit of visa-free entry to the UK. This arrangement facilitates seamless travel for residents of these 28 European nations, encompassing both business and leisure purposes. The Schengen Agreement, which allows for unrestricted movement across member countries, extends its convenience to the UK, enhancing cultural exchange and economic interaction between the UK and these European countries. This policy supports the UK’s commitment to maintaining strong ties with Europe, fostering easy access for tourists and professionals alike.

The USA remains the top source of visitors, with 3.87 million travelers, followed by France with 3.69 million, and Germany with 3.26 million. Ireland, Spain, the Netherlands, Poland, Italy, Belgium, and Australia also contribute significantly, underscoring the UK’s global appeal as a tourist hotspot.

In 2023, visitors stayed a total of 292.9 million nights in the UK. The average spending per visit was £819, and the average stay lasted 7.7 nights, with an average spend per night of £106. Despite these increases from 2019, inflation-adjusted figures reveal a slight decline in spending effectiveness over the same period.

The UK’s travel policies are set to evolve with the introduction of the Electronic Travel Authorisation (ETA) system in 2023, initially rolled out to Qatari nationals and soon expanding to include several other Middle Eastern countries. This system is poised to replace the Electronic Visa Waiver scheme and streamline entry procedures further.

According to VisitBritain’s latest forecasts, 2024 is set to see £32.5 billion spent by international visitors, a 5% increase over 2023 and a 14% rise compared to 2019. The number of visits is expected to reach 38.7 million, a modest 2% increase from 2023 but still trailing 5% behind the 2019 figures.

Additionally, the announcement that the UK and Ireland will host the 2028 UEFA European Football Championship is expected to draw significant numbers of international visitors, stimulating local economies and promoting widespread exploration across the UK.

London Heathrow and London Gatwick remain the busiest UK airports, indicative of the robust activity fueled by visa-free policies, underscoring their pivotal roles in the thriving travel and tourism sector.

Citizens from 86 countries enjoy visa-free access to the UK, allowing for seamless travel across various continents, enhancing cultural exchange, and boosting tourism and business interactions. Here’s how these countries break down by continent:


  • Western Europe: France, Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, Monaco, Netherlands, Austria
  • Northern Europe: Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Ireland
  • Southern Europe: Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece, Malta, Andorra, Vatican City, San Marino, Slovenia
  • Eastern Europe: Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, Bulgaria, Romania


  • East Asia: Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau
  • Southeast Asia: Brunei, Malaysia, Singapore, Timor-Leste
  • South Asia: Maldives

North America:

  • Canada, United States, Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama

South America:

  • Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Paraguay


  • Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, Nauru, Palau, Micronesia, Marshall Islands, Kiribati, Tuvalu, Samoa, Tonga


  • Seychelles, Mauritius, Botswana, Namibia


  • Barbados, Trinidad and Tobago, Bahamas, Antigua and Barbuda, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Grenada, Dominica

For more detailed information on traveling to the UK visa-free, please consult the official government website at

These countries are Schengen members and their citizens can enter the UK for short stays without needing a visa, facilitating travel for tourism, business, and short-term visits.

  • Czech Republic, Austria, Italy, Netherlands, Sweden, Slovenia, Finland, Spain, Belgium, Portugal, Luxembourg, Latvia, Greece, Hungary, Malta, Denmark, Liechtenstein, Slovakia, Poland, Croatia, France, Estonia, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Norway, Cyprus, Germany and Iceland

This diverse group of nations includes both developed and developing countries, spanning a broad spectrum of economies and cultures. The visa-free access policy fosters easier travel for tourism, business, and cultural exchanges, enriching the UK’s connections with these nations and promoting a vibrant interchange of ideas and economic benefits.

In summary, the UK’s strategic visa-free policy for citizens from 86 countries significantly fortifies its travel and tourism sector, facilitating easier access for both tourists and business travelers and enhancing the UK’s position as a top global destination. This policy not only promotes cultural exchange and strengthens global ties but also drives significant economic growth across various industries, solidifying the UK’s reputation as a welcoming and economically vibrant nation on the global stage.

Top 10 tourist spots in the UK,:

  1. London Eye
    Offering panoramic views of the capital’s skyline, the London Eye is a major feature of London’s waterfront and a must-visit for spectacular cityscapes.
  2. Tower of London
    Steeped in history, the Tower of London is famed for its iconic structure, Crown Jewels, and as a glimpse into the royal heritage of England.
  3. Stonehenge
    This prehistoric monument in Wiltshire is an enduring mystery and a UNESCO World Heritage site, fascinating visitors with its ancient circular arrangement of standing stones.
  4. Edinburgh Castle
    Dominating the skyline of Scotland’s capital, Edinburgh Castle is rich in history, home to Scotland’s crown jewels, and the Stone of Destiny.
  5. Roman Baths
    Located in Bath, the Roman Baths complex is a well-preserved bathing site from ancient times, where visitors can explore Roman engineering and public bath culture.
  6. Lake District National Park
    Known for its stunning landscapes, glacial ribbon lakes, rugged mountains, and quaint villages, this park is a paradise for nature lovers and hikers.
  7. British Museum
    In London, this world-renowned museum displays a vast collection of world art and artifacts, including the Rosetta Stone and the Elgin Marbles.
  8. Stratford-upon-Avon
    The birthplace of William Shakespeare, this charming town offers cultural tours, beautiful riverside settings, and performances of Shakespeare’s plays.
  9. Canterbury Cathedral
    One of the oldest and most famous Christian structures in England, this cathedral is the cathedral of the Archbishop of Canterbury, the leader of the Church of England.
  10. The Royal Mile
    Stretching through the heart of Edinburgh from Edinburgh Castle to Holyrood Palace, the Royal Mile is lined with historical buildings, shops, and attractions, making it central to the Edinburgh Festival.

The post Tourism In The United Kingdom Surge As 86 Countries Eligible Under Visa Waiver Program – Check Now If Your Country Is Eligible appeared first on Travel And Tour World.

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