List of great tourist destinations in 2020

Travel your way | Best things to do | Best travel destinations | Road trip planner | Best countries to visit | Cheap places to travelList of great tourist destinations in 2020 Although the COVID-19 epidemic is not yet over, the recent optimistic developments in Asia will be a good sign for the return of tourism. You can refer to the tourist destinations with list of great tourist destinations in 2020 below. 1. UZBEKISTAN Uzbekistan is one of the most scenic tourist... List of great tourist destinations in 2020admin

List of great tourist destinations in 2020

Travel your way | Best things to do | Best travel destinations | Road trip planner | Best countries to visit | Cheap places to travel
List of great tourist destinations in 2020

Although the COVID-19 epidemic is not yet over, the recent optimistic developments in Asia will be a good sign for the return of tourism. You can refer to the tourist destinations with list of great tourist destinations in 2020 below.


Things to to in Uzbekistan 2020
Image by Jaleh Michelle

Uzbekistan is one of the most scenic tourist destinations located in Central Asia. Here, you can admire the beauty of the silk road stretching through lush green mountains, arid deserts or enjoying the colorful picture of turquoise domes on brightly-lit buildings. bold religious culture.

A plus point of this country is the friendliness of the people in the region. Uzbekistan is home to the holiest and warmest souls in the world, which will make you feel at home for visitors when visiting here.


things to do SRI LANKA 2020

Thanks to the endless beauty, Sri Lanka is considered the most visited tourist destination in the world. You can experience the train passing through the fresh tea plantations, the green mountains and the jungle. Then, visit one of Sri Lanka’s most diverse national parks – home to a variety of animals such as leopards, monkeys and elephants.

Finally, you can spend your time relaxing on the sandy beaches in the South and indulge in bars with live music and fresh coconut cups. Besides, this country is also famous for its ideal beaches for you to try adventure games underwater.


Borácay, Philippines 

Home to over 800 islands, the Philippines deserves a list of the countries with the most beautiful island landscapes. Each island has its own unique, mysterious and amazing beauty. You can stroll on the white sands and soak in the cool water in these islands. Here are 3 islands with magnificent scenery and the most popular in the Philippines:


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El Nido Island is honored as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. With its vertical limestone mountains and coral reefs, it’s definitely a great place to explore coral reefs hidden in the water.


Image by Vicky Aggelopoulou

This is a small island of idyllic beauty in the Philippines. In Siquijor, you can see the sea floor through the turquoise water. In addition, dropping into the water on the beach in the sunset is also a great way to relax after busy days.


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In addition to being called the island of palm trees, Siargao is also known as “The most beautiful island in Asia”. Here, you will find beautiful views of the stretching palm forests, located between coastal roads.


Best things to do in Petra-Efficiency of Petra at Night time

Petra Jordan is an archaeological site located in southwestern Jordan and recognized as a UNESCO world cultural heritage. Experience the forgotten city of Petra will be one of the most memorable trips for tourists in 2020. To explore the intricately carved old buildings, you can go along the path. The trail crosses rocky deserts.



The city of Tbilisi – the capital of Georgia – is home to incredible structures and fine wines in the world with unique cuisine. Therefore, it is undeniable that the extremely good living conditions of this city. Beyond expectations, when you come here, you will have the opportunity to experience the modern European lifestyle, admire the ancient buildings and admire the art museums.


10 things to expect when hiking-rainbow mountain in peru

Long history and colorful city views are the highlights that make Peru become a great tourist destination. In Peru, visitors will have the opportunity to admire one of the seven wonders of the world and many other cultural heritage recognized by UNESCO. When you come to Peru, you can visit:


Machu Picchu Trekking Business

Not only is the list of seven wonders of the world, Machu Picchu is also a famous historical place. The scenery of the ancient city appearing after the mist at Machu Picchu will surely satisfy anyone who comes here to admire the most wonderful artificial beauty of man. Besides, traveling by train, passing green mountains and ancient villages on Urubamba Valley in Peru is also an interesting thing to visit here.


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Arequipa is one of the most beautiful and lesser known cities in Peru. The city is famous for its European-style buildings made of white volcanic rock from nearby volcanoes. You can take the time to wander through beautiful squares, gaze at the church and admire this colorful city.



This magnificent island is the jewel of the beautiful country of Thailand. Located between Malaysia and Thailand, this place is also known as the “Maldives of Thailand”. At Koh Lipe Island, you can enjoy the islands with unspoiled beauty with endless, long sandy beaches, palm forests and green coconut palms.

Portugal Transportation

As one of the largest cities in Europe, Lisbon is also known as San Francisco of Europe with beautiful hills and bridges. Coming to Lisbon, you can take a stroll between the paved roads in the old town, this will help you feel comfortable and love this city more. Besides, if you have time, plan to visit Portugal’s Sitra to explore the beautiful colorful national park in this regal city.



Budapest is known for its splendid scenery and artistic buildings. The more you explore this city, the more you’ll have the chance to learn more about Budapest’s nightlife and the fascinating historical stories hidden behind every corner. Here, you can start your day with a visit to the Hero Square, then admire the memorable views of the Danube, see the old architecture and finish the day with a sip. a glass of wine at bars in this city.

10. Italy
Sicily Italy

Apart from being known as a culinary paradise, Italy is also the most ideal and dreamy tourist destination in the world. Try to imagine the feeling of the morning rays gathering in your hair while you listen to the love tunes from the indigenous people, especially when enjoying the hot pizza. Surely you will not regret coming to this place. You can refer to the famous tourist destinations in Italy:


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Perhaps this is one of the cities with the most popular landscape for anyone who loves traveling. In addition, this is a quite quiet city, there are not many vehicles to travel, so you will enjoy the nostalgic feeling of a bygone era. In particular, Venice is also on the list of the most romantic cities in the world.

CINQUE TERRECinque Terre is home to a long history and culture in Italy. For centuries, people have built colorful villages nestled between cliffs with romantic views overlooking the majestic and beautiful Mediterranean.

TUSCANY ITALYIn Tuscany, visitors can admire the lush green hills surrounding sunflower fields and rustic farms. You can explore this area by motorbike or car and finally end your journey in the villages interspersed with brilliant flower fields on the hilltop with fresh and fresh air. If you want to experience more different cultures, give a visit to Tuscan cities like Siena or Florence.

Best places to visit in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

If mentioning places should go after the COVID-19 epidemic, Malaysia is an attractive option not to be missed. From the charming coastal towns along with the wild jungle to the misty tea plantations, all will offer stunning views to visitors. Here are the best places to visit in Western Malaysia:

things to do in In Penang Youth Park

Because of Malaysia’s immigration history, Georgetown is home to a multicultural culture. You can see Chinese-style houses and castles or Indian souvenir shops, and above all the famous culinary streets of Malaysians. In addition, this place is also known as the culinary capital of Malaysia. If you are a food enthusiast, obviously you cannot miss this interesting tourist destination.


LANGKAWI ISLANDFrom endless sandy beaches to mangrove forests, this tropical island has an incredibly wild and rich ecosystem. In addition, the romantic sunset sunset will be the ideal tourist destination for you to date and relax.

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List of great tourist destinations in 2020