Best Places to Living in New Hampshire 2021

Living in New Hampshire could be a great move, exploring a new place by living especially in a US State […]

Best Places to Living in New Hampshire 2021

Living in New Hampshire could be a great move, exploring a new place by living especially in a US State in the northeastern area, right on the Canadian border. 

This one of the finest state in the United States has all the facilities what’s a visitor need, it’s a quite busy place and has great cities to explore.

Living in New Hampshire

New Hampshire is a perfect place for all, and it has lots of best places to visit and things to do as well, plenty of open-air opportunities to do for who loves to do outdoor activities. 

Also, for wild life lovers there are a lot to explore in the Mountains, which features animals like Moose and Black Bears, exploring could be tough, so must watch your feet.

If we talk about other things of New Hampshire such as nightlife, neighborhoods, cultural and restaurants, then, wasting no more time here we are finding out the best places to living in New Hampshire are:


One of the best cities to living in New Hampshire, Portsmouth features all the best things to live, great schools and more great in the neighborhood too, those holds the great rating from the government of the United States.   

The second thing, you will worry about of a place it’s his crime-rate, let me clear you there is no need to worry about it cause crime-rate is extremely low, and anyone can have fun outdoors, children too.

So, you can consider Portsmouth to living in New Hampshire, with its friendly-environment you would be love to live here, and once you start exploring it, makes your living more interesting as well.


Another one of the best places to living in New Hampshire, Durham is officially a town in Strafford County, talking about crime-rate is same as Portsmouth, of course very low.

Well, there is no hard to find properties available in Durham as well, its well-worthy to consider about to have an investment for home in Durham.

Considering about study for children, there is great facilities for it, University of New Hampshire its campus in the northeast of the suburb.


Another best town in New Hampshire, Lee is quite worthy to living in New Hampshire, it’s a blend of rural living and connects to Portsmouth.

One of the best places in New Hampshire, there is no harm to purchase properties in Lee, it could be a great idea, property could be expansive and/or in budget. 

For exploring and living great for those, it’s not far from the other countryside areas, and well connects with nature as well.

So, consider about live in town Lee could be great as you live in other city or place in New Hampshire as well.


A beautiful town in Rockingham County in New Hampshire probably the best place for living in New Hampshire as well, just because it’s a bayside area of the county, well-worthy to live and explore too.

The best things is if you have decided then, you be able to buy properties easily in Greenland, along with, its beauty environment allures people to live here and to visit for destination trip as well, also offers you a lot to explore. 

Well, as I said it’s quite worthy to live in but the values of the homes are bit higher than other towns of New Hampshire, it’s around 350,000 to 400,000 dollars and if you could afford that scale you can have one.

A place with low crime-rate and well maintained for studies, so consider about live in Greenland could be great to spend some time with nature as well as it surrounded by.

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