A solo traveller’s guide to Manila

This is a guest post by Mahnoor. Identifying herself as a 'ghost blogger', Mahnoor likes to share her extensive experiences… The post A solo traveller’s guide to Manila appeared first on Hopping Feet.

A solo traveller’s guide to Manila

This is a guest post by Mahnoor. Identifying herself as a 'ghost blogger', Mahnoor likes to share her extensive experiences as a solo traveller across Southeast Asia. She is also a foodie and has a knack for finding hidden gems because of her love of exploring cities on foot.

Infinite streams of jeepneys and buses, buildings rising like trees in the forest, daily crazy shocks, and forced privacy. Manila, a vibrant city that doesn't stop and doesn't sleep. The Philippines' capital might at least at first be intimidating for tourists. Yet it is worthwhile to enjoy the amazing cuisine, fantastic shopping and exciting nightlife. You can enjoy contemporary conveniences and amenities in Manila while being firmly off the path. And travelling solo here is an unbelievable and cheap adventure. People who are looking for beaches can travel from Dubai to Manila. This would be an all adventure thing.

How to get around in Manila as a solo tourist

If you just want to experience this distinctive Philippine style of going about, you should take a Jeepney to your next location at least once. But you know that in Manila traffic is one of the world's biggest and better off spending a few pesos more for a more private means of travel.

City taxis are costly and infamous for passengers overcharging. Fortunately, for the skilled traveller Uber and his local competitor Grab, two ride-hailing applications are at hand. Not only do you arrive at your location quickly, but these services will also safely and effortlessly take you to your goal. You'll find the finest buddies in Manila as a single traveller.

What to do in Manila - solo travel guide

Take a break from the springing heat and visit some shopping centres. This is the favourite time for the Philippines, and you will make it like a native by crossing it off your list. Several of the finest stores include the world-renowned Asian SM Mall and MOA, home to one of the world's largest IMAX theatres, a skating rink and a science centre; SM Megamall, the world's largest fourth-biggest mall; and the partially outdoor Greenbelt with high-end and medium-range businesses at their disposal. Naturally, you would not avoid Intramuros, the historical centre of the Spanish colonial city and one of the best-preserved remains of the Spanish occupation.

A fantastic approach to get to know the city is to visit the Intramuros. This section of the city is a walled city from the 16th century, utilised for the protection of its boundaries during Spanish control. Intramuros literally means "Walled City." As such, you will discover all the facilities behind those historic walls that you would hope to find. There are educational excursions of several of the most renowned sights, including Manila Cathedral.

You may wander the maze of cobblestone streets and lanes, which are characterised by history, either by yourself or alongside other travellers. Stops at the oldest buildings include Fort Santiago, the Cathedral of Manila and the church of San Agustín.

Then you will take a detour to the adjacent Rizal Park and go down to a leisurely pace along Manila Baywalk, which provides lovely sunsets, street shows, street eating and some type of Cathartic reprieve from the continual busy rush and bustle of the city.

Where to eat in Manila - solo

Although the Philippines are rapidly becoming the next major in cuisine, nothing in Manila tops Filipino food. Go to the Early Bird Breakfast Club, a lovely BGC place that offers your morning's replenishment with excellent Filipino breakfast cuisine all day long.

A great part of the trip is for many tourists to taste the local food. Manila is fortunate enough to have a wide spectrum of foods from many different cultures, so you won't have to search far if you want something a little bit more familiar. We'll just concentrate on Philippine cooking for now, however.

A beloved snack in Manila is Tusok-Tusok and there are very few places to try it, such as Mang Larry's. This small road food shop serves crispy barbecues with salt and pepper, a spicy snack and a vinegar menu.

Where to stay - solo

A single tourist can stay in Manila World Resorts. While in the middle of the city – ideal if you are a confident single traveller - there are plenty of Air-Bnb choices in a large, unknown city, the safety of a resort is sometimes quite comfortable. The second benefit is that something is always going on at this wonderful resort, so you won't get bored. The casino here is a wonderful location to enhance your abilities for people who love gaming or simply wish to learn a bit more.

This state-of-the-art facility hosts major poker events, including this year's highly anticipated Asian Poker Tour. Get out and sit down by a table from the noon sun. You would be astonished to realise how much fun it is to play poker games. You never know, you could feel secure enough to participate in the following event!

The post A solo traveller’s guide to Manila appeared first on Hopping Feet.